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In times of darkness we will never be more alight

Right from the off I will say that during this blog I will not name any of the perpetrators of the following crimes as I do not think they are worth mentioning and should not receive any more attention than they have already received.

This blog will briefly describe some of the most widely reported news stories of the last year but that it not what this blog is about … we hear heart-break all the time about children being abducted or abusive relationships, soldiers who have been killed in combat or fatal car crashes but the media never really focus on the community spirit in the aftermath or the feelings and reactions of the many opposed to that of the mindless few.

In August 2011 we had the London riots.  3 days of violence, looting and anarchy on the streets however the day after the riots ended what happened?  The people of London … the real community, came out of their houses and began a clear up that saw the community as a whole get together and create something positive to rise from the ashes of the riots.  Thousands of Londoners took to the streets with brooms to clear the glass and litter away, people unselfishly helped those shop owners who had literally lost everything over night.

The people of London wanted their London back and wanted to prove to the world that this was not a violent place but a place where community spirit was strong.  And it was this community that came together and showed that the mindless acts of a few will not destroy this.

London went on to host the 2012 Olympic games which was deemed a huge success and one of the highlights was the overwhelming welcoming that everyone received from the community as a whole and by the thousands of volunteers who gave up their own time to be part of such an event.  The riots are now but a distant stain on the landscape but it is the legacy of those Londoners who made the Olympics so special that will live on.     

Residents of Clapham during the clean up

We have recently seen the public outcry of sadness regarding two female police officers who were gunned down in cold blood in Greater Manchester. 

Words will never be able to quantify the actions that led to these young officers being taken so soon but once again the public outpouring of affection and respect for people who largely were unknown to them has been inspiring to everyone. 

The funerals of PC’s Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone took place over the last couple of days and thousands of members of the public along with thousands more members of the police and emergency services stood along the precession route and offered their minute of silence and bowed heads in respect of the fallen officers.   

The heinous act of one single individual may live on in the annals of English crime but this will never and can never erase the acts of thousands who stood together side by side to say goodbye to two brave officers.

Thousands line the street to say a final farewell

As I write this blog the whole country is nervously awaiting the outcome of the search for little April Jones who was abducted outside her home in Wales 5 days ago.  April is only 5 years old and the news has gripped the whole of the UK and although the outcome is yet to be known the sheer scale of the search has been overwhelming.

44 police authorities are involved as well as coast guard, search and rescue teams, trackers and hundreds and hundreds of members of the public, many of whom have taken time off from their work are helping with the search.

Everyone has their fingers crossed for a positive outcome but yet again the act of one single individual has inadvertently brought together a whole community and in this case a country.

Sick individuals will always be out there and there will always be times of crisis and horror but what people should never forget is that it is during these times that the human race really shows its true strength, coming together in times of need, unselfish acts of help and assistance.  One will never outweigh the many and although the press and media will always focus on the act itself, communities grow and become stronger and in times of darkness the community will never be more alight.

A Community coming together to search for young April

Its our time down here – Latino 777


Vampires may have sex appeal but Werewolves have the hair!

In a time when Vampires are stealing all the screen time and getting all the girls you’ve got to feel for our old friend the Werewolf.

This hairy man beast has become a second-rate villain in a fang fested world … But this wasn’t always the case.

In the 80’s it was all about the Lycanthropes – The Howling and Silver Bullet were good old-fashioned rip flicks, Teenwolf introduced us to the lighter side of the wolfman and we even had an American Werewolf come to London.  It wasn’t just the silver screen that was encaptured by the wolf, even music had gotten in on the act with the king of pop Michael Jackson famously turning into a mauling monster in Thriller. All this made the wolf número uno.

Yes in the 80’s it was sexy to have a hairy back and sharp gnashers but why highlight the wolf’s plight now I hear you ask … Well I’ve just been listening to an old track on one of the less desirable radio stations by a guy called Warren Zevon – ever heard of him? Not many people have however he recorded a track back in the late 70’s entitled Werewolves of London.

This song should really find a place on every iPod and music library, with its raw lyrics, a piano riff straight out of Lynard Skynards ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ (which just so happens to be an all time favourite of yours truly) and an infectious chorus … Howlllll Werewolves of London so pop over to Youtube and check it out – this will have you staring up at the next full moon and wondering why that can of dog food looks rather tasty.

Have I just come to this conclusion that Werewolves are way cooler than Vamps? of course not, what did I dress up as this past Halloween … yep you’ve got it.  I will say this for the vamps it’s easier to drink with fangs than with a mask!!!!

Vampires can come out to play any old night of the week but Werewolves only put on their dancing shoes on a full moon which also gives us humans more chance of survival if you think about it .. so in conclusion yes Vampires can be sexy but they’re just way too common. Werewolf is the way to go, their biding their time but the full moon is nearly cast and if you listen carefully you can just about hear the hungry howl in the distance.  Always support the underdog.

Latino777 – It’s our time down here.