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Recession, Strikes & Rats – Welcome to England

First of all let me make one thing clear … I love this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

Ok the weather can be a bit dodgy and we do love to moan.  If there is a queue we moan but we join it, if there is a new tax we moan but we pay it … it’s just the English way however we seem to have been brought to a precipice looking down to the depths below when we need to be looking up.

We all know we have been in recession for the past few years but whose to blame? … the banks, oil prices, world events and the last government must all share the blame but there’s not much we can do about it apart from voting in a new government – which of course we did.

Right from the off they told us there would be cuts and difficult ones at that.  We all knew this and maybe they’ve cut too much too fast but I guess they feel that they may only have one term before we all get fed up with the cuts and vote a new government in next time round – who would probably take full advantage of the recovery and put us right back in the shit.

Don’t get me wrong I hate politics and I do not trust politicians – It really annoys me that the last government had a big hand in the mess we find ourselves in yet now they are on the sidelines they have a lot to say about the current government trying to get us out and their tactics!  It’s easy to comment and throw stones if your hiding behind the public – you had your chance … failed … now shut up.

I work in the import/export industry and I cannot remember the last time when I didn’t have to worry if I was getting my next pay packet, I haven’t had a pay rise in 4 years, in fact I’ve taken a 15% pay cut but I still have a job.

The government has informed the local authorities of their budgets and it’s down to the local councils how they make these cuts BUT THEY HAVE TO MAKE THEM.

Services will be cut and jobs will be lost but I cannot see the point in striking!  This makes the recovery harder and longer and puts real pressure on everyone at a time when we are already stretched.  In my neck of the woods we are seeing teachers, bin men, toll collectors, librarians and street cleaners taking strike action.

As I write the bins are overflowing and rats are becoming common place.  The bin men have been out on strike for 2 weeks and have just agreed to go out for another week.

Who does this affect most?  Is is the bankers in their nice big houses? will it be the politicians children with their private schooling? nope its the good old-fashioned English tax paying public!  Litter is growing at an alarming rate and rats are now common place, parents are having to book days holiday to look after children who cannot go to school due to the strikes.

Big picture people – this is what we need to be focusing on.  I do not agree with cutting education or health – I see this as a backwards step for any nation trying to get back on its feet and I do not like the fact that pensions are being affected but it does annoy me when people are not willing to take a 3% pay cut to ensure jobs are not lost.  I know it’s hard at the moment but all the people I know that moan about survival and struggling can still afford to smoke and drink!  If the strike action is successful jobs will be cut – I wonder how many will have wished they took a pay cut then and the lucky ones will have to work twice as hard for the same money – I wonder if they will demand a pay rise for this!!!!

The private sector has seen cuts, pay freezes and redundancies for the past few years whilst the public sector is only feeling the cut now.  They have had good pensions, flexi-time, overtime, higher fuel allowances and good rates of pay.  Initially the public have supported the strikes however I have noticed public opinion has started to change as the garbage grows.

Don’t for one minute think there aren’t a thousand people on the unemployment line ready and willing to take these jobs and only then will the current workforce truly understand the blessing they have of earning a regular wage.

In my humble opinion I feel that everyone should pull together and make sacrifices to get this country back on track and the banks should be doing a whole lot more to help – once that has been achieved maybe then we can get back to pay rises and bonuses and spending our hard-earned money.

We all have our opinions and this is mine – is there an easy solution … NO is there a pain free solution … NO is there a miracle cure … NO.  Just thank god we’re not Greek!!!

Latino777 – It’s our time down here.