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Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part seven)


The following three scribes are amongst the most serious I’ve ever written.  I would normally say please enjoy but this would not be right to say in this respect so instead I will just say please read:  

The Junkie
They pray to you Lord – what is it this time?
Her sons at your door, too many white lines,
The prayers they are strong, but his will is too weak,
Is his soul to be taken as his body rests deep?
What are you thinking as men in white coats,
Attack you with science to relinquish the ghost,
Are you right? Are they wrong? – It was his choice to face,
The killer he wanted, the dragon he chased,
His veins they are slain and his blood is not clean,
Yet still there is hope – still they believe,
But if he is brought from darkness to light,
Will there be faith strong enough to fight?
The craving, the needle, the hunger, the pain,
The family comes close to help take the strain,
They sit there in silence, awaiting a sign,
But the sign is not coming – its over – F L A T L I N E
The steam starts to rise as the water turns red,
The wrists slain and open, the life is soon dead,
Poor young girl weighted down with life’s problems,
Lay in a tub hoping now she has solved them,
The water’s still running,  
The eyes start closing,
The room becomes darker,
The tear drops cease flowing,
Her mother cries out as she falls to the floor,
Questioning why her daughter’s no more,
Where was the help when she needed it most?
Society too busy – her family a ghost,
But now they feel guilty – now is too late,
The girl’s in the past, a victim of hate,
She hated her life,
Her present,
Her future,
She saw the way out – the blade was the cure,
Her bed is now empty,
Her grave is now full,
For the souls who have suffered,
God blesses them all.
Velvet Seas
A little girl with hands to God asks will she sleep tonight?
Or will her father come to her to say his own goodnight,
Confused, alone, a child so young with secrets never told,
Abused by trust, abused by love – a love that’s turned ice cold,
With eyes shut tight she travels to a world of lullabies,
With liquid dreams and velvet seas, a place where she can hide,
Hide from fear and hide from hands that touch forbidden fruit,
That lacerates the orchard where the trees no longer root,
A requiem now haunts this place, a place now insecure,
A sacrifice that has been made to keep the spirit pure,
The light comes on, the door creaks to and tears they start to fall,
Pretend to sleep, pretend to dream – the velvet seas they call,
With Teddy’s hand within her hand and with her cheeks so wet,
She hears those words, those awful words – this is our little secret.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here. 

Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part six)

Hey guys, I’ve been requested to put these ones on so please enjoy:
Forbidden Love
Shadows wake by candlelight as soft jazz haunts the room,
The sweetest sound of the saxophone releases a timeless tune,
And in this setting I think of you not half the world away,
I long to live this dream so near, this dream that cannot stay,
The sound, a woman old and worn, the piano sings her life,
These passing moments, sacred thoughts play softly through the night,
For there are times you feel alone with this I am there too,
But judgement day I fear will bring a curse ‘pon me and you,
So hold me close within my dream for never you’ll know this fate,
Our friendship is a solemn bond, the risk I cannot take,
A mystery I hope to stay as darkness falls on me,
And as the candle flickers out goodnight I’ll bid to thee.
The Persistent Soul
I’ve tasted love been held by lust but never in this way,
For you are like the perfect storm that’s swept away the day,
And all you’ve left me with tonight are thoughts that haunt me know,
With eyes I’ve seen, with hands I’ve touched with soul I’ve beauty found,
With ink I write these words of love as speech does much reveal,
For some things should be locked away with you its how I feel,
I knew first sight what I had found and knew it not to be,
But what is love if you can’t hear or smell or touch or see,
The blue I lose myself inside lays siege within your eyes,
And when you smile I realise that life’s just laughs and cries,
But love can work in many ways and close are we for this,
For star-crossed love was not to be so you’re my little sis,
With this direction I can love and still give you my all,
Be that shoulder when you cry or catch you when you fall,
Laugh together side by side when mood does make you play,
Or be your rock from dusk till dawn to keep your fears at bay,
So as the light does start to fade upon these words for you,
I’ll leave you sweetheart with this word – it’s simply just – thank you.
 A Cursed Love
Vocal visions of a lullaby prophesise my end,
Acoustic angels take my soul and start the great ascend,
Echoes stir an untold pain that laid a curse on thee,
A desire for a true romance that never was to be,
For she was simply my Earthseed planted deep inside,
The roots they never did take hold with gypsy tears they cried,
A melancholy anthem plays on strings of violins,
Created by a symphony that’s buried deep within,
And now the lyrics start to sound and candles start to burn,
Seductive voices take my hand and lead me to the urn,
And with their whispers softly say to take this want no more,
Close your eyes and wipe away the tears that hit the floor,
For you it’s said the pain was great and this will be your low,
But fear you not because my friend for you its time to go,
With flames still bright a cold takes hold and this is my last thought, 
The greatest thing I ever learnt was to love and be ignored.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here.

Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part five)

As the rain falls I feel its time for another entry into the Word Slinger Saga’s. 

 Come tempt your fate and walk with me upon the sharpened blade,
 A pilgrimage to test your faith to see if it does fade,
 A dark despotic side of life is calling unto you,
 Seducing lyrics can be heard within the morning dew,
 Disturbed by lust an echoed plan invoked by misty light,
 So expiate for wrongs now done and lay within her sight,
 For she now has you, do you plead for what you hold most dear,
 Can you save all those so close and stand before your peers,
 Euphemistic feelings rage intensified by sin,
 Eradicate all ties you hold with lovers and with kin,
 Walk the line and talk the truth for all that’s wrong is here,
 Listen close and confess all as destiny draws near,
 Numbers fall from three to one  – the look bears all to see,
 You tempted fate upon the blade but all that’s left is thee.
Courting gestures, falling grace upon the once sane mind,
Focus forward, don’t look back just leave the past behind,
Become the prey and bury deep within the hallowed ground,
For hunted is a wanted child capturing just sound,
Escape an option no more true, surrounded you become,
For now eyes shut, beware the truth, one step leads to the jump,
Jagged now becomes the thought, as shortness is the breathe,
Never more alive are you than in the midst of death,
The great oak calls unto the shade as now must stand a man,
Thoughts unscramble, eyes bemused for this was not the plan,
Laid out bare for all to see, a man without a name,
A life gone wrong, a path not trod, in all a crying shame.
Take a hold and don’t let go for if you do you’ll fall,
Now close your eyes and listen for the everlasting call,
The moon does cast a silhouette that falls across the path,
The lure is set, the cowl upon the monk becomes his mask,
The penitent shall lead the way but who know will forgive,
The vitriolic feelings rage for those who’ve never lived,
Stand before the large stained glass and beg forgiveness clear,
Say your prayers with honest voice and answers may you hear,
Naked stand your words alone as silence sweeps the hall,
But hollowed truth does fill the void – release the chain and ball,
With conscience clear you stand a man with purpose new and wry,
Now close the doors of oak behind and leave the past to die.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here. 

Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part four)

Well we’re on part four already and its about time I introduce a touch of romance to the ‘Slinger’ chronicles.  In my writing I find it particularly difficult to write light hearted or romantic scribes so please enjoy …   

 At Last
 Crying times are feelings past as butterflies now play, 
 Yesterdays been laid to rest, the future starts today,
 Lonely men from ballads sad have sailed into the calm,
 Whispered romance plays the breeze encapturing its charm,
 For now you see I stand here tall – a once forgotten man,
 Alive once more, a touch, a kiss, the caressing of a hand, 
 The plan once set becomes a maze, as paths are mine to take,
 The sweat of hand, the beat now skipped, these signs I cannot fake,
 Where heartache laid its lonely soul now proudly doves do fly,
 Where tears once fell amid dark clouds now sets an evening sky,
 From dawn to day from whence I came from set to rise and fall,
 Come hands held tight and sacrifice from sinful daring fools, 
 Yet all I am is what you make and whole I feel with you,
 So left there must be only this to say with love – I do.
 The Crossroad 
 Passing moments play soft through the night,
 Romantic whispers turns dreams into sight,
 The walking of lovers through lanes and through souls,
 Wake thoughts and emotions never been told,
 The journey continues through eye and through heart,
 With hands interlaced now this juncture can start,
 A soft slow caress, a meaningful stare,
 A droplet of sweat, a heart pounding scared,
 Ahead the path ends and the crossroads begin,  
Turn back,  
Road to nowhere,  
Next level, 
Or sin.
 What Is?
 What is to dream – an enchanted tale,
 What is to live – and never to fail,
 What is to laugh – to face all your fears,
 What is to cry – a saddened tear,
 What is to speak – the truth can free,
 What is to lie – when truth won’t see,
 What is to love – and begin to breathe,
 What is to hurt – when love does leave,
 What is to know – and never to learn,
 What is to fear – and always turn,
 What is to write – and leave your mark,
 What is to see – when all is dark,  
 What is to age – when leaves do fall,
 What is to die – when angels call.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here

Scribbles of a Word Slinger (part three)

In part two I let you guys into a few of my more darker works but this time out I have included 3 of my more light hearted scribbles (mainly written for my daughter):

Laurens Lullaby

The wind does whisper songs to me,
Lullabies to help me sleep,
If I’m scared here’s where I’ll be,
Amongst the Willow tree’s,
I’m never sad, I do not fear,
I’m never ill when I am here,
I never shed or cry a tear,
Amongst the Willow tree’s,
The sun and clouds are friends to me,
And in these fields I feel I’m free,
The walk along the winding stream,
Leads me to Willow tree’s,
I wish that you could follow me,
To hear the birds sing playfully,
To shout and laugh and play and swing,
Amongst the Willow tree’s.
An Ode to Lauren
Take me to a secret place where I can run and I can play,
I can give the clouds a race and I can chase them all away,
The sun will shine and flowers bloom and cows will jump across the moon,
And if I start to miss my mum then I know I will see her soon,
I’ll climb up tree’s and catch the stars and put them in my little jar,
And if they don’t know where they are I’ll make sure they don’t go too far,
And in this place I’m never sad, I never cry. I’m never mad,
I always smile, I always laugh cos this was written by my dad.
The Cat
If the cat cannot learn then the cat is not free,
If the cat is not free then the cat will not see,
If the cat cannot see then the cat will not run,
If the cat cannot run then the cats work is done,
If the cats work is done then the cat will now rest,
If the cat does now rest then the cat is useless.
Latino777 – It’s out time down here

Scribbles from a word slinger (part two)

Time for a few more scribbles. 

These 3 from the portfolio are some of my more darker workings.

The Body
 Eat away young parasites for soon I will be gone,
 Take away the consciousness so I can do no wrong,
 Make your bed within my corpse for what good is it now,
 A testament to acts of faith that brought this hero down,
 Desecrate these bones which failed to keep this temple strong,
 Devour all that you can eat while feeding time’s still on,
 And now you’ve left me stripped and bare amongst the sacred dust,
 Remains are all but shadows left since morning covered dusk,
 Yet still I am, still to be and still I hope and pray,
 That maybe soon you’ll find away to take these thoughts away.
  As I stand here aware of the storm,
 The virulent clouds awaken the dawn,
 The flames from the skies, lambent like song,
 Throw skeletal shadows that seeds grow upon,
 But this jagged valley produces no fruit,
 The grass does not grow and the trees do not root,
 A paranoid feeling, surreal to the core,
 The path of the righteous can be walked no more,
 I fear I am lost, just a wandering stray,
 With my hands clasped together, I kneel down to pray,
 I pray for Nirvana, escape, a way out,
 Imprisoned by slumber, unable to shout,
 My visions are fading, my voice becomes weak,
 My senses are numbing, my thoughts cannot speak,
 I hear all around me engulfed by the storm,
 But for me it’s decided, there will be no more dawn.
The Burial
 With soil in hand I stand here aloft,
 A harmonic exuberance seems to rest soft,
 The chasm of prophecy quiescent in thought,
 It’s own timely eulogy rotting and wrought,
 The intimate dwellings of graves and of souls,
 Surround charnel houses, cursed of old bones,
 The invidious feelings hide sinister pasts,
 Etched deep in shadows never since cast,
 The sorrow lives deep in this garden of souls,
 Amid verses recited in slow sombre tones,
 Tears they have wept in a chastise of hate,
 Falling on seeds of a tyrannous fate,
 Imprisoned by guilt to the rhythm of slaves,
 Remorse and regret, too late to be saved,
 So listen in trance to malevolent screams,
 For when the bell tolls it’s the end of the dream.

Latino777 – It’s our time down here

Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part one)

Time for something differen’t guys.

Many moons before I began Blogging I used to scribble lines of verse to keep the very mediocre artist in me awake.  I have recently found my original workings, dusted them off and laid a couple down below for your perusal.

The Sentence
Cross the bridge and ask the man the question you have brought,
Give your gift, lay down your arms – what knowledge have you sought,
Stand a man, be judged up close for soon you’ll know your fate,
A final destination looms with this in mind please wait,
… The wait now over step up close and stare into the eyes,
For eyes can tell the difference from the truth and from the lie,
Possess do you the character to stand against your fears,
Release all that you can produce and throw the moral spear,
Now all you can is stand aback and go on bended knee,
The time does tick, the heart does pound, the eyes no longer see,
For this is what it means to live so have you made the grade,
The vision sent – a plot of land, a tombstone and a spade.

J a c k
Safe by day but change by fall,
Once a mother’ s joy now the Devil’ s tool,
Back to a time of rings and roses,
Where children grew up around pockets and poses,
The stench in the slums from corpses and rats,
Gave birth to a new plague and they called it Jack,
Deep in the Chapel this man he did dwell,
Poverty and despair twinned it with Hell,
This man was an artist and art was his life,
His palette was murder, his brush was the knife,
His canvass was women, drunk and abused,
Who sold natural goods for shelter and food,
Five of them suffered, five premature deaths,
With their throats sliced wide open they gasped their last breaths,
Removed were their stomachs, along with their souls,
The Boss could do nothing – Jack had control,
The mind of a madman, unknown but alive,
Encaptured by passion, his method contrived,
The alleys stay dark, the streets remain light,
And with history calling he fades ‘to the night.

The Hero
Fallen angels chasing dreams amongst the fabled clouds,
Conceived in love yet birthed in hate, the spirits now aroused,
Compelled by visions standing tall, the dream catcher awakes,
The future now a canvass blank, its time to raise the stakes,
A reign of fire from within now steps a weary soul,
Is this the one that leads us to the light from in the hole,
Apocalypse must surely be now sound the horsemen four,
Call upon the armies of the South and of the North,
Bring the legions of the West, unite them with the East,
The circle full its now the time for man to face his beast,
With swords a clash, with flesh a scar, the battle now alive,
The blood is spilt and bodies slain still victory we strive,
And as the carcass falls to ground and sun begins to rise,
The victor stands a lonely man, at feet his bloodied prize.

If you were even a touch captivated by the above then please look out for Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part two) coming soon …

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