The Latino Lists … Hot or Not

As a hot-blooded male I have a healthy admiration for beautiful women.  Below are my 5 current hot to trot females but for every gorgeous, talented woman there’s an air stealer … those women who have as much talent as a mosquito and only look good in a very dark room or on radio.


Megan Fox – this 25 year-old model/actress is probably best know as the sex kitten in the Transformers movies.  She keeps on dropping out of my top 5 but at this moment she has just scraped through lol.

Emma Watson – Better known as Hermione Grainger of the Harry Potter movies is a fine example of a British beauty in her early blossom.  At 21 she is one for the future and has just started to really bloom.
Katy Perry – Now this 26 year-old songstress is a real handful and ever since she kissed a girl and liked it – we’ve liked her.  A deserved beauty in my top 5 I feel.

Jessica Alba – I remember first being mesmerised by this gorgeous woman in Dark Angel and now she’s in her 30’s she’s still looking as stunning as ever.

Cheryl Cole – Probably not a huge surprise.  This 28 year-old stunner was introduced to her public on Popstars the Rivals and after winning her place in Girls Aloud has been growing from strength to strength ever since.  Feisty and stunning … just how I like my women lol.

Now I’m not even going to waste any time writing about the females below as they are just not worth writing about.


5.      Any female that has ever been on Big Brother.

4.      Daniella Westbrook –

3.      Katie Price (aka Jordan) –

2.      Jodie Marsh –

1.      Kerry Katona –

Latino777 – It’s our time down here.


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