Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part six)

Hey guys, I’ve been requested to put these ones on so please enjoy:
Forbidden Love
Shadows wake by candlelight as soft jazz haunts the room,
The sweetest sound of the saxophone releases a timeless tune,
And in this setting I think of you not half the world away,
I long to live this dream so near, this dream that cannot stay,
The sound, a woman old and worn, the piano sings her life,
These passing moments, sacred thoughts play softly through the night,
For there are times you feel alone with this I am there too,
But judgement day I fear will bring a curse ‘pon me and you,
So hold me close within my dream for never you’ll know this fate,
Our friendship is a solemn bond, the risk I cannot take,
A mystery I hope to stay as darkness falls on me,
And as the candle flickers out goodnight I’ll bid to thee.
The Persistent Soul
I’ve tasted love been held by lust but never in this way,
For you are like the perfect storm that’s swept away the day,
And all you’ve left me with tonight are thoughts that haunt me know,
With eyes I’ve seen, with hands I’ve touched with soul I’ve beauty found,
With ink I write these words of love as speech does much reveal,
For some things should be locked away with you its how I feel,
I knew first sight what I had found and knew it not to be,
But what is love if you can’t hear or smell or touch or see,
The blue I lose myself inside lays siege within your eyes,
And when you smile I realise that life’s just laughs and cries,
But love can work in many ways and close are we for this,
For star-crossed love was not to be so you’re my little sis,
With this direction I can love and still give you my all,
Be that shoulder when you cry or catch you when you fall,
Laugh together side by side when mood does make you play,
Or be your rock from dusk till dawn to keep your fears at bay,
So as the light does start to fade upon these words for you,
I’ll leave you sweetheart with this word – it’s simply just – thank you.
 A Cursed Love
Vocal visions of a lullaby prophesise my end,
Acoustic angels take my soul and start the great ascend,
Echoes stir an untold pain that laid a curse on thee,
A desire for a true romance that never was to be,
For she was simply my Earthseed planted deep inside,
The roots they never did take hold with gypsy tears they cried,
A melancholy anthem plays on strings of violins,
Created by a symphony that’s buried deep within,
And now the lyrics start to sound and candles start to burn,
Seductive voices take my hand and lead me to the urn,
And with their whispers softly say to take this want no more,
Close your eyes and wipe away the tears that hit the floor,
For you it’s said the pain was great and this will be your low,
But fear you not because my friend for you its time to go,
With flames still bright a cold takes hold and this is my last thought, 
The greatest thing I ever learnt was to love and be ignored.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here.

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