Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part five)

As the rain falls I feel its time for another entry into the Word Slinger Saga’s. 

 Come tempt your fate and walk with me upon the sharpened blade,
 A pilgrimage to test your faith to see if it does fade,
 A dark despotic side of life is calling unto you,
 Seducing lyrics can be heard within the morning dew,
 Disturbed by lust an echoed plan invoked by misty light,
 So expiate for wrongs now done and lay within her sight,
 For she now has you, do you plead for what you hold most dear,
 Can you save all those so close and stand before your peers,
 Euphemistic feelings rage intensified by sin,
 Eradicate all ties you hold with lovers and with kin,
 Walk the line and talk the truth for all that’s wrong is here,
 Listen close and confess all as destiny draws near,
 Numbers fall from three to one  – the look bears all to see,
 You tempted fate upon the blade but all that’s left is thee.
Courting gestures, falling grace upon the once sane mind,
Focus forward, don’t look back just leave the past behind,
Become the prey and bury deep within the hallowed ground,
For hunted is a wanted child capturing just sound,
Escape an option no more true, surrounded you become,
For now eyes shut, beware the truth, one step leads to the jump,
Jagged now becomes the thought, as shortness is the breathe,
Never more alive are you than in the midst of death,
The great oak calls unto the shade as now must stand a man,
Thoughts unscramble, eyes bemused for this was not the plan,
Laid out bare for all to see, a man without a name,
A life gone wrong, a path not trod, in all a crying shame.
Take a hold and don’t let go for if you do you’ll fall,
Now close your eyes and listen for the everlasting call,
The moon does cast a silhouette that falls across the path,
The lure is set, the cowl upon the monk becomes his mask,
The penitent shall lead the way but who know will forgive,
The vitriolic feelings rage for those who’ve never lived,
Stand before the large stained glass and beg forgiveness clear,
Say your prayers with honest voice and answers may you hear,
Naked stand your words alone as silence sweeps the hall,
But hollowed truth does fill the void – release the chain and ball,
With conscience clear you stand a man with purpose new and wry,
Now close the doors of oak behind and leave the past to die.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here. 

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  1. Mr ward, loving the poems. Stunning!! When is shadows and lullabys going to make an appearence? X

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