The Latino Lists … Gadgets

Now we’ve learned over the past few blogs that I may like a gadget or two but in this list we will see my top 10 gadgets if money was simply no object.

10.  The Aquavista Dinosaur Aquarium

I’ve never owned an aquarium and wouldn’t normally think of owning one but I guess if I had this kind of cash then my house would be worthy of one and what an aquarium this is.  The world’s rarest, most exclusive and most expensive aquarium – made from pure solid 24ct gold with the side veneers composed of mammoth tusks and if that wasn’t crazy enough, just to top it off it has a T-Rex dinosaur bone diagonally shaved into the tusk.  A snip at £3,000,000 … yes that’s 3 million!!!!

09.   Celestron CPC 1100 Telescope

Don’t ask me why I want a telescope but I think there’s something very calming about scanning the night sky especially when you can see the rings on Saturn or every detail of the moons craters.  At around £2,000 it’s not that expensive … just a little too expensive for me to spend on a telescope!

08. The Segway

It’s an oldie but goody – The segway is just one of those gadgets that everyone would own of you had the money.  I’m not sure how simply it would be to navigate but I know there would be fun to be had on one of these bad boys.  Costing around £5,000 I’d buy a few so I could start a gang lol.

07. Osim Uspace Massage Chair

After a day racing the Segway this would be the ultimate gadget to help relax and soothe those aching muscles.  Not only does this chair massage your feet, calves, thighs, arms, shoulders and neck but you can pull the dome over your head and submerse yourself in total relaxation (unless your claustrophobic) with a built-in CD player and colour changing LEDs. All this relaxation can be yours for a cool 5,000.

06. The Hydro Bob

Does this look like fun or what?  No need to learn to dive or even swim, you just pop your head into the bubble, sit on the seat and submerge yourself into the water for the coolest underwater experience your ever likely to have!  At only £10,000 each you can get your friends to buy one and reproduce a scene from a James Bond movie.

05. A Chord Sound System.

My ideal system would consist of a QBD76, a CPA 8000 & a couple of SPM 14000 amps – what the hell does all that mean I hear you ask … simply Immense sound, just an awesome system that could shake a building to its core, musical power that could fill a stadium.  All i have to do is save up a measly £85,000 and its mine (of course this price doesn’t include the speakers!!!).

04. B&W Nautilus Speakers


Not surprisingly if I had a sound system like the Chord above then it stands to reason I would need some monster speakers to handle it and these are the ones.  The Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus speakers, at £55,000 a pair they would be able to handle the Chord system with ease even thought they require one stereo pre-amplifier and eight monobloc or four stereo power amplifiers per pair!

03. Panasonic  TH-P103MT2 3d TV

This 3D TV is a whopping 103 inches and costs a mere £60,000 (lets hope the popcorn is included).  This is the size of screen you need to fully appreciate 3D. Imagine playing COD on this screen or watching the latest 3D movie … now that’s what I’m talking about.

02. The Hover Bike


Unfortunately this machine is not yet ready to be sold to the public.  Designed by an Australian the hover bike is capable of traveling at speeds of up to 173 mph at 10,000 feet (allegedly) – the skies could be a different place in a few years.
01. Titan the Robot

Surely the ultimate in robotic achievements – Titan would certainly draw the stares as you took him to your local Costa for coffee and would definately be a hit with the ladies if you took him to your local bar and whose gonna mess with you or attempt to break into your house when you have Titan on standby.  Sadly I don’t think you can actually purchase Titan but I’m sure if you had the money his owners would build you your very own.

Until that Euro millions win comes in I’ll just continue to day-dream about the above.

Latino777 – It’s our time down here


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