eXposè: Iris Hill

I’ll be honest, I can’t draw, I can’t paint and I cannot create works of art with my hands, in fact the only remotely artistic side to my character comes out in my writing which you can find in the ‘Scribbles of a Word Slinger’ editions of this blog.

I am however lucky enough to have friends that have artistic talent running through them and in my eXposè editions I shall be highlighting some of the work of my more dexterous and gifted friends.

We start with the work of Lisa Jean Gardner who has created the Iris Hill brand.  


Lisa is extremely talented as the work in this blog will clearly show.  She had her first work published at age 9!!!!


She has a fantastic portfolio and all her hard work has enabled her to exhibit in galleries all over the world.  She has spent time in London and Sydney learning new techniques and encompassing new inspirations.

Lisa doesn’t rest on her laurels though and she spends a vast amount of time working with a number of youth arts organisations helping to educate promising young artists.

As Iris Hill she is part of the creative collectives of both Raspberry Jam Books and The Coterie.  Raspberry Jam Books specialises in producing children’s picture books and not-for-profit children’s books for children’s charities whilst The Coterie is a bringing together of artists incorporating art, craft, graphic design, fashion and photography.

I have known Lisa for quite a few years now and although her work is outstanding I never cease to be amazed at her new creations and the level of commitment she puts into her work and the genre.  I am also extremely lucky to own a few originals by Lisa that hang proudly on my walls and although it is rare for her to relinquish an original piece of work she does sell limited editions prints for those that are interested in owning one of these unique works by an up and coming British artist.

You can follow Lisa on her ever-growing journey on any of the following:

Website for Iris Hill:     http://www.irishill.co.uk/

Blog for Iris Hill:            http://irishill.wordpress.com/

Blog for The Coterie:    http://wearethecoterie.wordpress.com/

Website for RJB:            http://www.raspberryjambooks.com/index.html

Please note that all images shown in this blog are under copyright to Lisa Jean and Iris Hill.

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