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Recession, Strikes & Rats – Welcome to England

First of all let me make one thing clear … I love this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

Ok the weather can be a bit dodgy and we do love to moan.  If there is a queue we moan but we join it, if there is a new tax we moan but we pay it … it’s just the English way however we seem to have been brought to a precipice looking down to the depths below when we need to be looking up.

We all know we have been in recession for the past few years but whose to blame? … the banks, oil prices, world events and the last government must all share the blame but there’s not much we can do about it apart from voting in a new government – which of course we did.

Right from the off they told us there would be cuts and difficult ones at that.  We all knew this and maybe they’ve cut too much too fast but I guess they feel that they may only have one term before we all get fed up with the cuts and vote a new government in next time round – who would probably take full advantage of the recovery and put us right back in the shit.

Don’t get me wrong I hate politics and I do not trust politicians – It really annoys me that the last government had a big hand in the mess we find ourselves in yet now they are on the sidelines they have a lot to say about the current government trying to get us out and their tactics!  It’s easy to comment and throw stones if your hiding behind the public – you had your chance … failed … now shut up.

I work in the import/export industry and I cannot remember the last time when I didn’t have to worry if I was getting my next pay packet, I haven’t had a pay rise in 4 years, in fact I’ve taken a 15% pay cut but I still have a job.

The government has informed the local authorities of their budgets and it’s down to the local councils how they make these cuts BUT THEY HAVE TO MAKE THEM.

Services will be cut and jobs will be lost but I cannot see the point in striking!  This makes the recovery harder and longer and puts real pressure on everyone at a time when we are already stretched.  In my neck of the woods we are seeing teachers, bin men, toll collectors, librarians and street cleaners taking strike action.

As I write the bins are overflowing and rats are becoming common place.  The bin men have been out on strike for 2 weeks and have just agreed to go out for another week.

Who does this affect most?  Is is the bankers in their nice big houses? will it be the politicians children with their private schooling? nope its the good old-fashioned English tax paying public!  Litter is growing at an alarming rate and rats are now common place, parents are having to book days holiday to look after children who cannot go to school due to the strikes.

Big picture people – this is what we need to be focusing on.  I do not agree with cutting education or health – I see this as a backwards step for any nation trying to get back on its feet and I do not like the fact that pensions are being affected but it does annoy me when people are not willing to take a 3% pay cut to ensure jobs are not lost.  I know it’s hard at the moment but all the people I know that moan about survival and struggling can still afford to smoke and drink!  If the strike action is successful jobs will be cut – I wonder how many will have wished they took a pay cut then and the lucky ones will have to work twice as hard for the same money – I wonder if they will demand a pay rise for this!!!!

The private sector has seen cuts, pay freezes and redundancies for the past few years whilst the public sector is only feeling the cut now.  They have had good pensions, flexi-time, overtime, higher fuel allowances and good rates of pay.  Initially the public have supported the strikes however I have noticed public opinion has started to change as the garbage grows.

Don’t for one minute think there aren’t a thousand people on the unemployment line ready and willing to take these jobs and only then will the current workforce truly understand the blessing they have of earning a regular wage.

In my humble opinion I feel that everyone should pull together and make sacrifices to get this country back on track and the banks should be doing a whole lot more to help – once that has been achieved maybe then we can get back to pay rises and bonuses and spending our hard-earned money.

We all have our opinions and this is mine – is there an easy solution … NO is there a pain free solution … NO is there a miracle cure … NO.  Just thank god we’re not Greek!!!

Latino777 – It’s our time down here.


Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part seven)


The following three scribes are amongst the most serious I’ve ever written.  I would normally say please enjoy but this would not be right to say in this respect so instead I will just say please read:  

The Junkie
They pray to you Lord – what is it this time?
Her sons at your door, too many white lines,
The prayers they are strong, but his will is too weak,
Is his soul to be taken as his body rests deep?
What are you thinking as men in white coats,
Attack you with science to relinquish the ghost,
Are you right? Are they wrong? – It was his choice to face,
The killer he wanted, the dragon he chased,
His veins they are slain and his blood is not clean,
Yet still there is hope – still they believe,
But if he is brought from darkness to light,
Will there be faith strong enough to fight?
The craving, the needle, the hunger, the pain,
The family comes close to help take the strain,
They sit there in silence, awaiting a sign,
But the sign is not coming – its over – F L A T L I N E
The steam starts to rise as the water turns red,
The wrists slain and open, the life is soon dead,
Poor young girl weighted down with life’s problems,
Lay in a tub hoping now she has solved them,
The water’s still running,  
The eyes start closing,
The room becomes darker,
The tear drops cease flowing,
Her mother cries out as she falls to the floor,
Questioning why her daughter’s no more,
Where was the help when she needed it most?
Society too busy – her family a ghost,
But now they feel guilty – now is too late,
The girl’s in the past, a victim of hate,
She hated her life,
Her present,
Her future,
She saw the way out – the blade was the cure,
Her bed is now empty,
Her grave is now full,
For the souls who have suffered,
God blesses them all.
Velvet Seas
A little girl with hands to God asks will she sleep tonight?
Or will her father come to her to say his own goodnight,
Confused, alone, a child so young with secrets never told,
Abused by trust, abused by love – a love that’s turned ice cold,
With eyes shut tight she travels to a world of lullabies,
With liquid dreams and velvet seas, a place where she can hide,
Hide from fear and hide from hands that touch forbidden fruit,
That lacerates the orchard where the trees no longer root,
A requiem now haunts this place, a place now insecure,
A sacrifice that has been made to keep the spirit pure,
The light comes on, the door creaks to and tears they start to fall,
Pretend to sleep, pretend to dream – the velvet seas they call,
With Teddy’s hand within her hand and with her cheeks so wet,
She hears those words, those awful words – this is our little secret.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here. 

Vampires may have sex appeal but Werewolves have the hair!

In a time when Vampires are stealing all the screen time and getting all the girls you’ve got to feel for our old friend the Werewolf.

This hairy man beast has become a second-rate villain in a fang fested world … But this wasn’t always the case.

In the 80’s it was all about the Lycanthropes – The Howling and Silver Bullet were good old-fashioned rip flicks, Teenwolf introduced us to the lighter side of the wolfman and we even had an American Werewolf come to London.  It wasn’t just the silver screen that was encaptured by the wolf, even music had gotten in on the act with the king of pop Michael Jackson famously turning into a mauling monster in Thriller. All this made the wolf número uno.

Yes in the 80’s it was sexy to have a hairy back and sharp gnashers but why highlight the wolf’s plight now I hear you ask … Well I’ve just been listening to an old track on one of the less desirable radio stations by a guy called Warren Zevon – ever heard of him? Not many people have however he recorded a track back in the late 70’s entitled Werewolves of London.

This song should really find a place on every iPod and music library, with its raw lyrics, a piano riff straight out of Lynard Skynards ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ (which just so happens to be an all time favourite of yours truly) and an infectious chorus … Howlllll Werewolves of London so pop over to Youtube and check it out – this will have you staring up at the next full moon and wondering why that can of dog food looks rather tasty.

Have I just come to this conclusion that Werewolves are way cooler than Vamps? of course not, what did I dress up as this past Halloween … yep you’ve got it.  I will say this for the vamps it’s easier to drink with fangs than with a mask!!!!

Vampires can come out to play any old night of the week but Werewolves only put on their dancing shoes on a full moon which also gives us humans more chance of survival if you think about it .. so in conclusion yes Vampires can be sexy but they’re just way too common. Werewolf is the way to go, their biding their time but the full moon is nearly cast and if you listen carefully you can just about hear the hungry howl in the distance.  Always support the underdog.

Latino777 – It’s our time down here.

I Heart NY (part two)

Part one uncovered some of my fondest memories of my favourite city so lets take a few more bites out of the big apple.

New York is not all shopping and sightseeing, in fact there is a lot of play to be had for the child at heart visitor.  FAO Schwartz is one of my favourite stores, full of giant stuffed animals and expensive movie memorabilia as well as the giant floor piano made famous by Tom Hanks in the film BIG and its definitely not just the kids that play on that!!!!  This is probably the store the Beckhams would shop in for their kids as you can pick up a childs motorised 4×4 for the same price you would pay for a full size one!!!

My favourite fun store has got to be Toys R Us in Times Square.  This store is the largest Toys r Us store in the world and when you enter your greeted by a full size working ferris wheel!  3 floors of fun but beware you may just hear the roar of a life-size T Rex!!!!

If you’re not quite ready to grow up after visits to the Disney store, FAO Schwartz & Toys r Us then why not head to Central Park where a ride in a horse & carriage is just the done thing or maybe head to the Central Park Zoo – maybe not the biggest zoo in the world and you’re not going to see all your favourite characters from Madagascar but its good for the money and you may even see a polar bear!  If you go during the colder months you can always grab a pair of skates and whizz round the ice but unlike the zoo this is not cheap here, it’s probably cheaper to head over to Rockefeller albeit not as picturesque.

If you ever find yourself in NY during the summer months then Central Park is an absolute must.  It’s an exciting hive of activity with holidaymakers and locals both heading into the vast greenery within the concrete jungle.  You’ll find little league teams playing baseball and extremely talented break dancers strutting their stuff for a few dollars.  You can have your portrait painted, sketched or cartoonised or maybe you’d prefer to have your name put on a grain of rice – you can find it all in the park.

One year we stumbled across a gay roller disco and what an eye opener that was – easily took an hour of our visit watching guys in tutu’s and girls in leather spinning to gay anthems.

On another visit we went down to 5th Ave to visit the museum of sex (as you do) and came across New Yorks Gay Pride Parade – if we thought the roller disco was an eye opener then this took the biscuit!!!! first came the bikers (about 500 of them) then the police, fire and paramedics, politicians and dancers hand in hand (literally) and then just an endless show of colour and costume to show their pride for being gay.

First comes colour

Then comes costume

and finally …

Hmmm well moving on let’s get back on track and something to even out the testosterone.  How about an aircraft carrier fully laden with all manner of awesome steel birds – of course I’m talking about the majestic Intrepid, now a museum showcasing some of America’s flighted heroes of the past including the blackbird!  I have to admit for a film buff I thought it was kinda cool re-enacting the scene where Will Smith smashed golf balls into an overgrown and derelict Manhattan in I am Legend.  You can also find one of the old Concords here which you can board and see how the fortunate used to fly cross atlantic (have to admit I was shocked at how cramped everything looked, not my idea of luxury).





If you want to grab a sea view of the Intrepid I would definitely recommend the Duck Tour – the amphibian vehicle that takes you through Times, down 5th Ave and then into the Hudson for a sea view of the Manhattan skyline and for just $25 it’s great value.

Now all this frolicking and fun running around the city that never sleeps may just make you hungry and if you’re in a fun mood maybe Mars 2112 will be right up your street.  Now don’t get me wrong the food is not brilliant but I haven’t been in too many restaurants where you have to step into a ‘spaceship’ and take a journey to another planet before you eat! Once there you find yourself immersed in a giant red crater surrounded by red mountain ranges and aliens delivering food & entertainment – great if you have kids.  No kids? then why not try Hooters … a whole different kind of mountain ranges entirely.

It saddens me to hear that one of my favourite drinking holes has closed its doors (hopefully not for the last time) … The Tavern on the Green was beautiful, ok a bit pricey and definitely a tourist trap but to eat outside in Central Park surrounded by lanterns throughout the tree’s was something special.  I sincerely hope someone buys this place and re-opens it just the way it was, rumour has it that Donald Trump is trying to purchase it – lets hope so.

Still one thing that will never close in New York are the theatres and boy does NYC have some theatre houses.  Second only to London’s West End (ok so I’m biased) the big apple boasts some of the best theatres and shows anywhere – the last time I was there I went to see Wicked at the Gershwin theatre and for any Wizard of Oz fans this is a must.

So this would certainly be a day that would wipe you out, a day playing in the toy shops, a trip to the zoo, watching a parade, visiting an aircraft carrier, an hour or two in Central Park, something to eat and a show … now all that’s left to do is choose a hotel!!!!! now that’s a whole new blog ha ha.

Til the next time have a good day.

Latino777 – It’s our time down here

Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part six)

Hey guys, I’ve been requested to put these ones on so please enjoy:
Forbidden Love
Shadows wake by candlelight as soft jazz haunts the room,
The sweetest sound of the saxophone releases a timeless tune,
And in this setting I think of you not half the world away,
I long to live this dream so near, this dream that cannot stay,
The sound, a woman old and worn, the piano sings her life,
These passing moments, sacred thoughts play softly through the night,
For there are times you feel alone with this I am there too,
But judgement day I fear will bring a curse ‘pon me and you,
So hold me close within my dream for never you’ll know this fate,
Our friendship is a solemn bond, the risk I cannot take,
A mystery I hope to stay as darkness falls on me,
And as the candle flickers out goodnight I’ll bid to thee.
The Persistent Soul
I’ve tasted love been held by lust but never in this way,
For you are like the perfect storm that’s swept away the day,
And all you’ve left me with tonight are thoughts that haunt me know,
With eyes I’ve seen, with hands I’ve touched with soul I’ve beauty found,
With ink I write these words of love as speech does much reveal,
For some things should be locked away with you its how I feel,
I knew first sight what I had found and knew it not to be,
But what is love if you can’t hear or smell or touch or see,
The blue I lose myself inside lays siege within your eyes,
And when you smile I realise that life’s just laughs and cries,
But love can work in many ways and close are we for this,
For star-crossed love was not to be so you’re my little sis,
With this direction I can love and still give you my all,
Be that shoulder when you cry or catch you when you fall,
Laugh together side by side when mood does make you play,
Or be your rock from dusk till dawn to keep your fears at bay,
So as the light does start to fade upon these words for you,
I’ll leave you sweetheart with this word – it’s simply just – thank you.
 A Cursed Love
Vocal visions of a lullaby prophesise my end,
Acoustic angels take my soul and start the great ascend,
Echoes stir an untold pain that laid a curse on thee,
A desire for a true romance that never was to be,
For she was simply my Earthseed planted deep inside,
The roots they never did take hold with gypsy tears they cried,
A melancholy anthem plays on strings of violins,
Created by a symphony that’s buried deep within,
And now the lyrics start to sound and candles start to burn,
Seductive voices take my hand and lead me to the urn,
And with their whispers softly say to take this want no more,
Close your eyes and wipe away the tears that hit the floor,
For you it’s said the pain was great and this will be your low,
But fear you not because my friend for you its time to go,
With flames still bright a cold takes hold and this is my last thought, 
The greatest thing I ever learnt was to love and be ignored.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here.

Michael Jackson …

Elvis … The Beatles … there can only be one further name to add to this list and that name is Michael Jackson!

Very few artists get to the plateau that these artists reached and its hard to see where the next true global superstar will come from.   

Whether you knew him as Michael, as MJ or as Whacko Jacko this guy was born to perform.  Coming from a musical family in smalltown Gary, Indiana, I guess he didn’t have many options open to him but from a young age he was already showing the kind of talent that would make him the undisputed king of pop.

Although a bit before my time I loved The Jackson 5 growing up with hits like I Want You Back, ABC and Got To Be There, Michael had a great soulful voice and certainly made an impact with his unique dance style.

There has been much speculation regarding Michaels father Joe Jackson and his strict regime towards the boys but without this hardline parenting who knows if the Jackson 5 would have been as big a success as they were?

Michael’s songwriting ability really started to show when he wrote the heart felt ‘Ben’ about his pet rat and then came the time when Michael really went solo and created the Off The Wall album – released in 1979 and must be one of the best albums of all time.  Michael wrote a couple of the tracks including Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough but my personal favourite is still Off The Wall.

If there’s an album to challenge Off the Wall as the best pop album of all time then this album could very well be Thriller released in 1982.  This album is my personal favourite and I think you would have to go some way to find a better over all album.  With anthemic tracks such as Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It and Wanna Be Startin Somethin, this album is a heavy hitter and I often hear some of the less known tracks such as PYT & Human Nature still played in bars & clubs today.

Then came the gloriously 80’s album ‘Bad’ which was released in 1987 and was predominently written by MJ.  This is the album that really brought MJ to my attention as I was 14 when it was released.  My personal stand out tracks would be Dirty Diana, I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man in the Mirror and of course Bad.

I had a chance to see Michael at Wembley in 1988 but had school the next day so couldn’t go!!!! still haven’t forgiven my parents for that one!!!

I’m not a major fan of Michaels later music but there are still some gems but here’s my top 10 MJ tracks:

10. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

9.  PYT

8.  Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

7. Thriller

6. Dirty Diana

5. The Way You Make Me Feel

4. Wanna Be Startin Somethin

3. Off The Wall

2. Beat It

1. Billie Jean

One thing is for certain he brought his own style and flair to the stage and most of his videos would bring something never before seen.  How many artists today have been influenced by Michaels style or moves?  The moonwalk is probably one of his most famous dance moves and although he didn’t invent it he certainly introduced it to the world. 

The year surrounding Michaels death was a little strange for me – firstly I took my daughter to a concert on 5th March 2009 at the O2 arena and low and behold it was the day that MJ was announcing his ‘This is IT’ tour so we got to see him in the flesh (although my daughter was more star struck by Dermot O Leary!).  Since his death my daughter has become a fan and has all his music!

I then managed to get tickets for the concert at the O2 (which was no mean feat) and this would have been my first time seeing him ‘live’ – absolutely gutted that this didn’t happen and lastly I was stood in Times Square when I first heard of his death (a very surreal moment) – the whole of Times Square standing to a halt and watching the big screens.

I guess everyone has their opinions about MJ … he certainly knew how to attract publicity.  Whether it was playing in a tree or hanging his newborn child out of a window or having sleepovers with children the media always got their headlines.

My personal opinion is simply this – the guy had no upbringing and in later life had the money to re-live his childhood.  Such was the public frenzy whenever he was out and about meant he could never do normal things so he built himself a fairground and surrounded himself with children (I guess children are less judgemental). 

I have no doubt in my mind that he loved children and loved being around children but never did anything untowards – now I’m not saying his choices were the most sensible in the world after all I would not be very happy if I found out my child spent the night in the same bed as an adult male however I do feel MJ was an easy target and certain parents knew this.  My reasoning behind this … if someone had molested by child there is no amount of money on this planet that would buy me off – I would want the person in prison so he could never do anything like that again!  This is why I do not believe the allegations of child abuse – the parents could see dollar signs and knowing Michael would most likely pay as the damage done by these kind of allegations is usually irreparable.

It is a shame this black cloud was always hanging over him especially with the amount he used to do for charity and underprivileged children, you could also feel the passion he had for all things good in his music.

On 25th June 2009 the legend that was Michael Jackson passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest in his home and with that act one of the last true greats of the music world faded away.

Who knows how his career would have been affected had he not have done that fateful Pepsi advert in 1984 which was the cause of so much of his pain and the start of an addiction that would see him to rest.

Well in his own lyrics … To heal the world is just human nature, first you start with the man in the mirror and know you are not alone.  Whatever happens don’t stop til you get enough and the love you save will help you shake your body and shout ‘I just can’t stop loving you’.  We’re almost there, things are changing and whether your black or white, rich or poor you can’t just blame it on the boogie anymore – stand up for what you believe in , hold my hand and say This is it – they don’t care about us but we do – Just use one day in your life to make a change – is it scary? dangerous? of course but you wanna be startin somethin before you go off the wall … will you be there? i hope so.  Can you feel it? the change is coming and we’ve got to be there … together … unbreakable.  Lets not just see it, lets beat it before the break of dawn.  We’ve got a good thing going so heaven can wait but for now … to all those smooth criminals that didn’t make it you are gone too soon.

Latino777 – It’s our time down here.

Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part five)

As the rain falls I feel its time for another entry into the Word Slinger Saga’s. 

 Come tempt your fate and walk with me upon the sharpened blade,
 A pilgrimage to test your faith to see if it does fade,
 A dark despotic side of life is calling unto you,
 Seducing lyrics can be heard within the morning dew,
 Disturbed by lust an echoed plan invoked by misty light,
 So expiate for wrongs now done and lay within her sight,
 For she now has you, do you plead for what you hold most dear,
 Can you save all those so close and stand before your peers,
 Euphemistic feelings rage intensified by sin,
 Eradicate all ties you hold with lovers and with kin,
 Walk the line and talk the truth for all that’s wrong is here,
 Listen close and confess all as destiny draws near,
 Numbers fall from three to one  – the look bears all to see,
 You tempted fate upon the blade but all that’s left is thee.
Courting gestures, falling grace upon the once sane mind,
Focus forward, don’t look back just leave the past behind,
Become the prey and bury deep within the hallowed ground,
For hunted is a wanted child capturing just sound,
Escape an option no more true, surrounded you become,
For now eyes shut, beware the truth, one step leads to the jump,
Jagged now becomes the thought, as shortness is the breathe,
Never more alive are you than in the midst of death,
The great oak calls unto the shade as now must stand a man,
Thoughts unscramble, eyes bemused for this was not the plan,
Laid out bare for all to see, a man without a name,
A life gone wrong, a path not trod, in all a crying shame.
Take a hold and don’t let go for if you do you’ll fall,
Now close your eyes and listen for the everlasting call,
The moon does cast a silhouette that falls across the path,
The lure is set, the cowl upon the monk becomes his mask,
The penitent shall lead the way but who know will forgive,
The vitriolic feelings rage for those who’ve never lived,
Stand before the large stained glass and beg forgiveness clear,
Say your prayers with honest voice and answers may you hear,
Naked stand your words alone as silence sweeps the hall,
But hollowed truth does fill the void – release the chain and ball,
With conscience clear you stand a man with purpose new and wry,
Now close the doors of oak behind and leave the past to die.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here. 

The Latino Lists … Gadgets

Now we’ve learned over the past few blogs that I may like a gadget or two but in this list we will see my top 10 gadgets if money was simply no object.

10.  The Aquavista Dinosaur Aquarium

I’ve never owned an aquarium and wouldn’t normally think of owning one but I guess if I had this kind of cash then my house would be worthy of one and what an aquarium this is.  The world’s rarest, most exclusive and most expensive aquarium – made from pure solid 24ct gold with the side veneers composed of mammoth tusks and if that wasn’t crazy enough, just to top it off it has a T-Rex dinosaur bone diagonally shaved into the tusk.  A snip at £3,000,000 … yes that’s 3 million!!!!

09.   Celestron CPC 1100 Telescope

Don’t ask me why I want a telescope but I think there’s something very calming about scanning the night sky especially when you can see the rings on Saturn or every detail of the moons craters.  At around £2,000 it’s not that expensive … just a little too expensive for me to spend on a telescope!

08. The Segway

It’s an oldie but goody – The segway is just one of those gadgets that everyone would own of you had the money.  I’m not sure how simply it would be to navigate but I know there would be fun to be had on one of these bad boys.  Costing around £5,000 I’d buy a few so I could start a gang lol.

07. Osim Uspace Massage Chair

After a day racing the Segway this would be the ultimate gadget to help relax and soothe those aching muscles.  Not only does this chair massage your feet, calves, thighs, arms, shoulders and neck but you can pull the dome over your head and submerse yourself in total relaxation (unless your claustrophobic) with a built-in CD player and colour changing LEDs. All this relaxation can be yours for a cool 5,000.

06. The Hydro Bob

Does this look like fun or what?  No need to learn to dive or even swim, you just pop your head into the bubble, sit on the seat and submerge yourself into the water for the coolest underwater experience your ever likely to have!  At only £10,000 each you can get your friends to buy one and reproduce a scene from a James Bond movie.

05. A Chord Sound System.

My ideal system would consist of a QBD76, a CPA 8000 & a couple of SPM 14000 amps – what the hell does all that mean I hear you ask … simply Immense sound, just an awesome system that could shake a building to its core, musical power that could fill a stadium.  All i have to do is save up a measly £85,000 and its mine (of course this price doesn’t include the speakers!!!).

04. B&W Nautilus Speakers


Not surprisingly if I had a sound system like the Chord above then it stands to reason I would need some monster speakers to handle it and these are the ones.  The Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus speakers, at £55,000 a pair they would be able to handle the Chord system with ease even thought they require one stereo pre-amplifier and eight monobloc or four stereo power amplifiers per pair!

03. Panasonic  TH-P103MT2 3d TV

This 3D TV is a whopping 103 inches and costs a mere £60,000 (lets hope the popcorn is included).  This is the size of screen you need to fully appreciate 3D. Imagine playing COD on this screen or watching the latest 3D movie … now that’s what I’m talking about.

02. The Hover Bike


Unfortunately this machine is not yet ready to be sold to the public.  Designed by an Australian the hover bike is capable of traveling at speeds of up to 173 mph at 10,000 feet (allegedly) – the skies could be a different place in a few years.
01. Titan the Robot

Surely the ultimate in robotic achievements – Titan would certainly draw the stares as you took him to your local Costa for coffee and would definately be a hit with the ladies if you took him to your local bar and whose gonna mess with you or attempt to break into your house when you have Titan on standby.  Sadly I don’t think you can actually purchase Titan but I’m sure if you had the money his owners would build you your very own.

Until that Euro millions win comes in I’ll just continue to day-dream about the above.

Latino777 – It’s our time down here

Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part four)

Well we’re on part four already and its about time I introduce a touch of romance to the ‘Slinger’ chronicles.  In my writing I find it particularly difficult to write light hearted or romantic scribes so please enjoy …   

 At Last
 Crying times are feelings past as butterflies now play, 
 Yesterdays been laid to rest, the future starts today,
 Lonely men from ballads sad have sailed into the calm,
 Whispered romance plays the breeze encapturing its charm,
 For now you see I stand here tall – a once forgotten man,
 Alive once more, a touch, a kiss, the caressing of a hand, 
 The plan once set becomes a maze, as paths are mine to take,
 The sweat of hand, the beat now skipped, these signs I cannot fake,
 Where heartache laid its lonely soul now proudly doves do fly,
 Where tears once fell amid dark clouds now sets an evening sky,
 From dawn to day from whence I came from set to rise and fall,
 Come hands held tight and sacrifice from sinful daring fools, 
 Yet all I am is what you make and whole I feel with you,
 So left there must be only this to say with love – I do.
 The Crossroad 
 Passing moments play soft through the night,
 Romantic whispers turns dreams into sight,
 The walking of lovers through lanes and through souls,
 Wake thoughts and emotions never been told,
 The journey continues through eye and through heart,
 With hands interlaced now this juncture can start,
 A soft slow caress, a meaningful stare,
 A droplet of sweat, a heart pounding scared,
 Ahead the path ends and the crossroads begin,  
Turn back,  
Road to nowhere,  
Next level, 
Or sin.
 What Is?
 What is to dream – an enchanted tale,
 What is to live – and never to fail,
 What is to laugh – to face all your fears,
 What is to cry – a saddened tear,
 What is to speak – the truth can free,
 What is to lie – when truth won’t see,
 What is to love – and begin to breathe,
 What is to hurt – when love does leave,
 What is to know – and never to learn,
 What is to fear – and always turn,
 What is to write – and leave your mark,
 What is to see – when all is dark,  
 What is to age – when leaves do fall,
 What is to die – when angels call.
Latino777 – It’s our time down here

eXposè: Iris Hill

I’ll be honest, I can’t draw, I can’t paint and I cannot create works of art with my hands, in fact the only remotely artistic side to my character comes out in my writing which you can find in the ‘Scribbles of a Word Slinger’ editions of this blog.

I am however lucky enough to have friends that have artistic talent running through them and in my eXposè editions I shall be highlighting some of the work of my more dexterous and gifted friends.

We start with the work of Lisa Jean Gardner who has created the Iris Hill brand.  


Lisa is extremely talented as the work in this blog will clearly show.  She had her first work published at age 9!!!!


She has a fantastic portfolio and all her hard work has enabled her to exhibit in galleries all over the world.  She has spent time in London and Sydney learning new techniques and encompassing new inspirations.

Lisa doesn’t rest on her laurels though and she spends a vast amount of time working with a number of youth arts organisations helping to educate promising young artists.

As Iris Hill she is part of the creative collectives of both Raspberry Jam Books and The Coterie.  Raspberry Jam Books specialises in producing children’s picture books and not-for-profit children’s books for children’s charities whilst The Coterie is a bringing together of artists incorporating art, craft, graphic design, fashion and photography.

I have known Lisa for quite a few years now and although her work is outstanding I never cease to be amazed at her new creations and the level of commitment she puts into her work and the genre.  I am also extremely lucky to own a few originals by Lisa that hang proudly on my walls and although it is rare for her to relinquish an original piece of work she does sell limited editions prints for those that are interested in owning one of these unique works by an up and coming British artist.

You can follow Lisa on her ever-growing journey on any of the following:

Website for Iris Hill:

Blog for Iris Hill:  

Blog for The Coterie:

Website for RJB:  

Please note that all images shown in this blog are under copyright to Lisa Jean and Iris Hill.

Latino777 – It’s our time down here.