Scribbles of a Word Slinger (part three)

In part two I let you guys into a few of my more darker works but this time out I have included 3 of my more light hearted scribbles (mainly written for my daughter):

Laurens Lullaby

The wind does whisper songs to me,
Lullabies to help me sleep,
If I’m scared here’s where I’ll be,
Amongst the Willow tree’s,
I’m never sad, I do not fear,
I’m never ill when I am here,
I never shed or cry a tear,
Amongst the Willow tree’s,
The sun and clouds are friends to me,
And in these fields I feel I’m free,
The walk along the winding stream,
Leads me to Willow tree’s,
I wish that you could follow me,
To hear the birds sing playfully,
To shout and laugh and play and swing,
Amongst the Willow tree’s.
An Ode to Lauren
Take me to a secret place where I can run and I can play,
I can give the clouds a race and I can chase them all away,
The sun will shine and flowers bloom and cows will jump across the moon,
And if I start to miss my mum then I know I will see her soon,
I’ll climb up tree’s and catch the stars and put them in my little jar,
And if they don’t know where they are I’ll make sure they don’t go too far,
And in this place I’m never sad, I never cry. I’m never mad,
I always smile, I always laugh cos this was written by my dad.
The Cat
If the cat cannot learn then the cat is not free,
If the cat is not free then the cat will not see,
If the cat cannot see then the cat will not run,
If the cat cannot run then the cats work is done,
If the cats work is done then the cat will now rest,
If the cat does now rest then the cat is useless.
Latino777 – It’s out time down here

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