The Only Way is Certainly Not Essex!!!!

Whether you like them or despise them … reality shows are here to stay.

Some are fun, some are actually real, some introduce us to new talent and some just get under your skin but one things for sure no matter how you try you just can’t ignore them.

I was unfortunate enough to watch my first episode of TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) the other day … apparently the people are real but their stories aren’t!!!! of course they’re real after all they were born although some may very well be the bi-product of a chemistry product gone horribly wrong but real in the sense of actors … thats a bit of a stretch and no its not REEM.

If anyone tries to tell me that the guy who wears Ugg boots, skinny jeans and takes more care of his hair than any of the mirror hungry girls in that programme is ‘straight’ should purchase a nice white coat where the arms do up from the back and check into a lovely hotel in the country where they have no windows!!

But this is only one of the latest TV reality shows to sweep the nation.  The actors are becoming household names and joining the ever-growing list of rich talentless celebs (Jade Goody, Jodie Marsh, Katie Price to name but a very small few) but fair play to them making it in a difficult industry with no clear skill or talent apart from the ability to shed clothes at the sight of a camera is an achievement in itself.

In my humble opinion here are just some of the worst reality shows to have been shown the light of day:

Big Brother – The cream of the UK’s most retarded locked up for months … actually thats not a bad thing.

The Only Way is Essex – I can see the attraction but no one would watch this if it was advertised as scripted.

The Farm – There’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back.

The Simple Life – Ooh 2 uber rich chicks trying to be like umm us normal people who have less than a million in the bank. 

Katie & Peter – Who cares!!!

What Katie & Peter Did Next – Nope – Still don’t care.

Flavor of Love – Just embarrassing for a member of one of the biggest Hip Hop acts of all time.

Not all reality shows have been bad and some have even introduced us to talented artists such as Leona Lewis, Diversity and Girls Aloud – now where would we be without the gorgeous Cheryl Cole … oh and my daughter would kill me if I didn’t mention JLS.

Below are just some of the better reality shows to have graced our screens (again in my opinion):

The X Factor – Simon Cowell and his bad dress sense and the lovely Cheryl Cole.

Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – Ant & Dec making has-beens eat disgusting bugs.

The Apprentice – Your Fired!!!!

Britains Got Talent – B List judges rating people who can fart the national anthem – quality TV.

Fear Factor – Adrenaline Junkies putting themselves through hell.

Dancing on Ice – Watch more has-beens falling on ice.

Reality TV shows must be an agents dream finally allowing the more ageing actors on their books to get back to work and earn their contracts – and once the shows have finished and the limelight dims they can always go back to panto.

But what about those poor lost souls who found their 15 minutes of fame on a reality show but now roam lost forever in a world of obscurity?  People like Michelle McManus or Rik Waller (both Pop Idol) or how about Chico and Steve Brookstein (X Factor).  Some of them go on to become TV presenters, some become actors/actresses and some end up on Broadway so I guess for some TV reality shows are a great stepping stone in the world of entertainment.


With this in mind sign me up – I can’t sing, dance, ice skate, juggle, do stand-up, do impressions or magic so I’m guessing I’ve got half a chance of winning although I’m probably still too talented to go into the Big Brother house!!!!

Latino777 – Its our time down here.


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