Madness thru a lens

Over the years I’ve always taken photographs of holiday destinations and social gatherings but more recently I’ve had the urge to step it up a gear and purchase a DSLR, well a micro thirds system actually but less with the technicalities and lets get on with the blog.

Whilst browsing through a blog belonging to a very talented friend (Sarah Leigh’s Style Files), I noticed that she had taken photographs of an old derelict asylum.  The place looked intriging and to my delight was only a short drive from my home city – a perfect place to take the camera out for a test run.

The place certainly didn’t disappoint, looking like something straight out of an American horror movie.  The grounds itself covered quite a large area and was littered with abandoned buildings long since seeing the light of day.  Although the sign at the entrance to the asylum stated NO TRESPASSERS, as soon as you walked in you were greeted by the sight of other budding photographers taking advantage of this great cluster of buildings.

Boarded up entrances and windows put a stop to fascinated photographers looking for that dark, eerie internal shot as well as keeping out the drug users and the homeless.  At the same time the graffiti’d boards add to the overall sence of despair and degradation that encompasses this place.

Walking throughout the abandoned site you randomly come  across the odd paint dawbed word scrawled across a door or wall designed to raise the hair on the back of your neck.  One of the internal walls in the main building has “two people can keep a secret if one is dead” in red paint (I assumed it was paint) – again adding to the overall feel of despair.

Although most of the entrances were boarded up there was one building that was accessable and let me tell you its much eerier inside than out.  Walking up a creaky old staircase led into a loft space, dark, overgrown with weeds and plants and the only light coming in from a half boarded broken window.

I’m sure in time most of the condemned outer buildings will make way to the bulldozer, and the main building will be totally renovated and become a dental practice or rest home or the like but it will be a shame as there are not too many grounds giving such a plethora of possibilities to the amateur photographer.

Until that time I hope many more photographers and art students take advantage of this unique site – probably not a good idea to visit it at night though and for good orders sake please get permission from the local council.

Til the next time.

Latino777 – Its our time down here


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Lovely photos my friend, you’re so much braver than I!

    Looking forward to seeing your next location

    Sarah x

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