The Rise & Rise of Technology

As the saying goes ‘if at first you don’t succeed call it version 1.0’  … yep I’m a gadget freak but I feel blessed that I grew up in an era that was just being introduced to mass technology, I mean not everyone had a home computer back then, there were no such things as mobile phones (I still have my little black book somewhere), cable TV was only just being introduced and TV’s themselves were only between 19 & 25 inches and square.

Yep way way back in my distant youth I remember receiving the Spectrum 48k with its rubber keys and additional tape recorder – and even though there were times when you had to wait 20 minutes to load a game with the most annoying noise ever only to get a message 19 minutes in stating that there was a syntax error on line 64 my love for technology was born.

As this new tech evolved so did the competitiveness between platforms and friends … some of the best head to heads that I can remember over the years – Spectrum v Commodore, Betamax v VHS, Vinyl v CD, Apple v PC, HD DVD v Blu Ray, Plasma v LCD, X Box v PS3, Iphone v Blackberry the list goes on and on.

Tech is not always a good thing,  I love the sound you get from playing Vinyl thats just down right more real than the crisp sound of a CD … but each to their own I guess.

And the internet has brought to everyone a wealth of music which is fantastic (there’s not a song out there you can’t find and download in seconds) but I did used to love the monthly trips up to London to find the best imported music which your local HMV & Our Price stores just didn’t stock.

I was probably alot fitter back in the days before mobile phones though – I remember going into town and if you wanted to find friends you just had to do it old skool … walk!!!! now we can text or call friends, check in to places or if your feeling particularly lazy you can video call (no need to meet up at all) – don’t get me wrong I love it of course but every now and again I like to reminisce about how simple the old days were.

Still, as the years roll by and technological barrier by barrier gets broken, today I find myself being able to DJ with my Ipad wirelessly through my speakers, edit photographs with professional accuracy using Photoshop or take 3D photographs with my camera.  I haven’t been into my bank branch in years now you can do it all online and if I want I can have a library the size of the New York Public Library on gadgets such as the Kindle …  and god forbid there is something I don’t know, I don’t need to go to school or college, I don’t need to pick up an encyclopeadia I just have to ask Google.  I wonder what I would have thought of all this technology back when I had my Spectrum?

Well thankfully along with this tech came the social network phenomenon, what would we all do without Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or our Blogs to tell the world all the things it didn’t want to know about us?  It enables us to reminisce and to discover those friends we had lost long ago but as with everything there’s always two sides and now there’s no where to hide, work is no longer 9 to 5 and even when we’re abroad we’re in constant contact with those back home – lets re-visit this particular blog in say 10 years time to see how dated today’s technology seems then.

Well I may just go and play a good old fashioned board game now … nah who am I kidding I’ll just download the app and play against someone in Vanuatu.

Latino777 – Its our time down here


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