Opening up the ‘life’ jar

As i sit here bored beyond belief I have an overwhelming urge to re-live some of the moments I have been blessed with experiencing during my short stay on this mortal plane.

A while ago I decided to create my own little bucket list and I have to admit they are a fantastic way to push you into getting off the sofa and actually ‘doing’ instead of saying ‘one day’.

I have been truly fortunate to have ticked off so much of my list such as jumping out of an aeroplane and swimming with dolphins.

I’ve climbed into a cage and been lowered in with sharks and I’ve held a tiger cub on my lap.

One of the most memorable days in my life has to be when I took my daughter to Lapland – we flew 3 hours to Finland, crossed the Arctic Circle, spent the day with husky’s & reindeers, experienced skiddooing for the first time, met the real Santa, saw the Northern Lights (what a sight), and flew back – all in a day.

There was a day in an Eastern European country where we were able to fire real guns with real bullets including a pump action shot gun – no experience necessary but they did allow you to drink plenty of beer before taking the gun in hand ha ha.
I’ve only ever been in a helicopter once but it was over Niagara falls – I would love to experience that again … maybe over NYC this time.
Talking of NYC I’ve been lucky enough to visit the sleepless city on quite a few occasions and you haven’t lived until you’ve stepped out on the Empire State Building Observatory in a cloud!!! very eerie but amazing.
I’ve taken a horse & carriage around Central Park and was stood in Times Square when it was announced that Michael Jackson had passed away – very surreal moment (I had a ticket to see him in the O2 … gutted).
I’ve also been lucky enough to see the likes of Stevie Wonder, Eminem, Beyonce & Alicia Keys in concert.

If anyone wants to experience something a little out of the ordinary then I would suggest a trip to Reykjavik and go swimming in the Blue Lagoon – I did this a couple of years ago and would love to go back, swimming outside in minus temperatures is not as crazy as you may think.

One of my more crazy moments led me to getting drunk and booking a holiday to Austalia at 02.00am – it took me a while in the morning to figure out why my passport and credit card was out and the laptop still on but when I realised what I’d done I was just sooo relieved that I wasn’t going that day!!! in fact I had a whole 2 weeks to save ha ha still it was a great experience especially Bondi Beach at dawn.

Of course nothing outweighs the day my daughter was born and we have been so lucky to have experienced some of the above together.

As I put the lid back on the ‘life’ jar its made me want to tick off another experience … and there are still soooo many.

Until the next time … adios

Latino777 – Its our time down here


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