Pitch Invasions and Steaks

This weekend just gone, threw a host of emotions my way especially as my long suffering football club gained promotion after many years being locked in a downward spiral. The game itself was of little importance but the party atmosphere was long overdue and justly deserved after a long season and on the final whistle the scenes of thousands invading the pitch was fantastic to firstly watch and then join.

Along with the football we’ve recently seen street parties, BBQ’s and trips to the beach down here on the South Coast and almost all of them have included the consumption of a good ol steak or two. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much meat, this week alone I’ve encountered Nando’s & Rancho’s and I have an exclusive BBQ to attend on Friday (its not exclusive because of the expense or the people going but because there are only 3 of us attending!!!!).
Still … in this time of hardship and not knowing whether the next wage packet will ever turn up I can’t complain about eating out and I’m looking forward to spending time with my good friend ‘Meerkat Mac’ at the farm where I’m pretty sure more food will be consumed.

I can feel my gym membership calling lol

Latino777 – Its our time down here


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