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The Latino Lists … Cars

In my job I’ve had the fortune to have driven hundreds of cars from Skylines to Impreza’s, Ferrari’s to Lamborghini’s so I thought I’d list my top 10 below … some exclusive, some expensive and some just down right weird.

1. Ferrari Enzo 

This bad boy has a top speed of 220 mph and can do 0 to 60 in just over 3 seconds and so it should for £450,000!  Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to open her up but you could definately feel the power under the pedal.  

2. Lamborghini Gallardo

I’ve driven quite a few Gallardo’s now and this particular one was owned by a Premiership footballer and like most overpayed footballers was probably just one of a fleet of luxury cars owned!  A snip at £150,000.

3. R35 Skyline

This was the very first R35 Skyline to arrive into the UK and I was extremely fortunate enough to be the first person to drive it.  This beast has power and speed in abundance but unlike most performance vehicles its comfortable to drive as well.  The book price was around £60,000 new when this was first imported from Japan.

4. K.I.T.T.

You may very well recognise this vehicle if your as old as me because it is one of the vehicles used in the show ‘Knight Rider’ (there are many replicas out there but this particular Knight Industries Two Thousand was imported from an American museum and brought across for a show).  The brakes were a bit ropey and unfortunately the turbo boost button didn’t work but it was still fun to drive.


5. Rally Spec Subaru Impreza STi

Driven by Peta Solberg in the WRC Rally this vehicle has seen some action and boy can they shift.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to drive this vehicle as I wouldn’t know where to start (if you’ve ever seen inside a rally car there’s more buttons than on the Space Shuttle!!!!) but I did get a trip in the passenger seat.  Here’s a juicy fact about this car – each transmission takes 85 hours to build at a cost of £75,000 … now think  how much the cars worth!!!!


6. Hummer H2

The Hummer … Big, Bad and Bold.  Originally built for the U.S. military it is now the choice vehicle for footballers, actors and drug dealers all over the world.  Driving this beast feels like your in a tank and nothing gets in your way.  Its definately a bit of fun although with todays fuel prices you will need to be a millionaire just to fill it up.


7. P2 Prodrive Prototype

To my knowledge this vehicle has yet to be mass produced and at the time was the only one in the world.  In fact this is the very same vehicle that was shown on Top Gear a few years back and made Jeremy Clarkson throw up. Its got a Subaru Impreza engine under the hood and can get from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds and its built in the UK.

8. The General Lee

Another famous vehicle to have crossed my path – this was of course from the Dukes of Hazzard.  This american muscle car is a modified Dodge Charger and according to the importer is one of only a small handful left out of the originally 256 used in the TV series!!!  It drove like a bucket but the Dixie horn still worked.

9. Toyota Hiace with body kit

Imagine the looks you would get driving this Toyota HiAce up the high street!!! Not sure why anyone in their right minds would want to have a body kit like this – can’t get over any speed bumps, can’t get into any height restricted car parks and is probably a bitch to park but it does draw the stares if thats what you after.

10. The Cadillac Sovereign Hearse

Probably the most unique and strangest vehicle I have ever driven.  Thankfully the vehicle was empty when I collected it but it certainly draws a crowd.   Its probably a good thing that this vehicle is only supposed to drive at a slow pace because it didn’t feel too secure going round corners with that dragon on top!!!

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Scribbles of a Word Slinger (part three)

In part two I let you guys into a few of my more darker works but this time out I have included 3 of my more light hearted scribbles (mainly written for my daughter):

Laurens Lullaby

The wind does whisper songs to me,
Lullabies to help me sleep,
If I’m scared here’s where I’ll be,
Amongst the Willow tree’s,
I’m never sad, I do not fear,
I’m never ill when I am here,
I never shed or cry a tear,
Amongst the Willow tree’s,
The sun and clouds are friends to me,
And in these fields I feel I’m free,
The walk along the winding stream,
Leads me to Willow tree’s,
I wish that you could follow me,
To hear the birds sing playfully,
To shout and laugh and play and swing,
Amongst the Willow tree’s.
An Ode to Lauren
Take me to a secret place where I can run and I can play,
I can give the clouds a race and I can chase them all away,
The sun will shine and flowers bloom and cows will jump across the moon,
And if I start to miss my mum then I know I will see her soon,
I’ll climb up tree’s and catch the stars and put them in my little jar,
And if they don’t know where they are I’ll make sure they don’t go too far,
And in this place I’m never sad, I never cry. I’m never mad,
I always smile, I always laugh cos this was written by my dad.
The Cat
If the cat cannot learn then the cat is not free,
If the cat is not free then the cat will not see,
If the cat cannot see then the cat will not run,
If the cat cannot run then the cats work is done,
If the cats work is done then the cat will now rest,
If the cat does now rest then the cat is useless.
Latino777 – It’s out time down here

The Latino Lists … All time movies

Everyone loves lists … so over the coming months I’ll be blogging all kinds of lists from movies to music to favourite destinations to literally anything you can list about and all to give an insight into my strange little mind.

To start it off I’m going to list my all time top 10 movies. 

1. Star Wars   

In 1977 a movie arrived from a galaxy far far away and was so far ahead of its time that it changed cinema forever.  This movie has everything, action, invention, comeraderie, romance, villains, heroes, suspense, a great score and of course ‘The Force’.

2. The Goonies

I was the same age as Mikey, Mouth, Chunk & Data when this movie was released and immediately fell in love with it.  I’m sure every boy wanted to go on this adventure and who could forget the fantastic Sloth … Hey you guys.

3. Stand By Me

Another movie where I was the same age as the boys involved and another film with Corey Feldman who starred in so many of my favourite movies of the time … Gremlins, Lost Boys, Goonies & Stand By Me.  A small town group of friends go on an adventure to find the body of a kid thought to have been killed by a train.  The quintescential coming of age movie with a great cast and even has a young Kiefer Sutherland playing the villain.

4. Jaws

da da, da da … this movie has probably affected more people than any other movie in history – how many people are scared of the water or sharks because of the huge mechanical fish with the fin?  It scared the crap out of me.

5. 12 Angry Men

When I first heard about this movie I thought, black & white movie about 12 jurors in a room discussing a case doesn’t sound to interesting but how wrong was I!!!!  The movie never really leaves the room but the writing and cast are top notch and yes that is a young Quincy.

6. Goodfellas

A violent story about the Mob and one guy’s rise from kid through to fully fledged mob member.  With a cast that includes Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci and an early cameo from Samual L Jackson this movie packs one hell of a punch.

7. The Shawshank Redemption

An extremely clever movie which starts off with a guy being charged with 2 murders he didn’t commit and sentenced to life in prison.  The film follows Andy Dufresne on his journey of life behind bars, his friendship with Red (Morgan Freeman) and a long long plan of escape.


8. 101 Dalmatians

The very first movie I ever saw in a cinema and I always remember being mesmerised at seeing all those puppies on the screen and hating Cruella DeVille.  The film is also one of the only Disney movies to be set in London and surely everyone has one Disney movie in their top 10.

9. The Wizard of Oz

Surely has to be ‘the most ahead of its time’ movies of all time. Being released in 1939 it was one of the first movies to incorporate colour on the big screen and still to this day has one of the most recognised songs of all time.

I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!


10. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Last but not least the Jack Nicholson classic about a criminal who feins mental illness so he can spend the rest of his sentence on easy street.  The film is a battle of wits between Randall (Nicholson) and Nurse Ratchett, often with dire consequences for Nicholsons character.  The film also has a colossal performance by a young Danny DeVito.


There are so many movies that almost make the cut but these are the films I have watched the most over the years and still do not get bored.

Great acting, great scripts, great movies.

Hasta La vista Baby.

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Volcanic Ash – The Return

Iceland … a country predominantly made up of volcano’s, with a fascinating landscape which has been moulded over the century’s from eruption after eruption.  A beautiful country which I can vouch for myself after a trip to the Icelandic capital back in 2009 but this quiet and picturesque country is once again hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  

Another year and yet another ash cloud threatens to bring widespread disruption to our skies and bring more doom and gloom to holidaymakers.

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull glacier was the culprit almost a year ago exactly.  In fact it was late March 2010 when the volcano started to erupt and in only a few days flights all over Europe had been cancelled eventually bringing the UK to a complete flight standstill.

2011 brings a different volcano to the headlines but all the same problems.  The Grimsvotn Volcano started to erupt a few days ago and is apparently Icelands most active Volcano (last erupted in 2004).  The ash has already reached Norway, Denmark and Scotland and later today is expected to reach the UK.

According to reports this eruption is larger than last years however the fragments within the ash are alot larger & denser which should bring them down to Earth sooner causing less disruption.  The wind is also more favourable this time – but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Barack Obama has had to change the schedule for his trip to Europe cutting short his visit to Ireland amid fears he may get stranded there if he stays the full length (I can’t imagine that would be a bad thing stranded in Ireland with friendly people and all the Guiness you could drink).

The President of the United States may be able to alter his plans but what about the poor holiday makers that may become stranded in airports across the UK.  Last year over 100,000 flights and over 10 million people were affected with airports becoming giant B&B’s.  Over a billion pounds was estimated to have been lost to the air industry during this period bringing even more problems to overcome along with snow, government taxes and ever rising fuel prices.

However according to reports the disruption should not be as disastrous as last year because apparently lessons have been learnt and communication between authorities, airlines and passengers will be better.  Maybe more importantly the rules for flying through ash have been relaxed slightly with complaints last year of them being way too strict.

I sincerely hope that this time the disruption is minimal and that holidaymakers do get to their destinations on time because lets face it, in this current economic climate we all need a holiday and if you’ve been saving up all year to take your family away for a well earned break in the sun the last thing you need is a cloud of black ash blocking you.

Happy flying.


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Scribbles from a word slinger (part two)

Time for a few more scribbles. 

These 3 from the portfolio are some of my more darker workings.

The Body
 Eat away young parasites for soon I will be gone,
 Take away the consciousness so I can do no wrong,
 Make your bed within my corpse for what good is it now,
 A testament to acts of faith that brought this hero down,
 Desecrate these bones which failed to keep this temple strong,
 Devour all that you can eat while feeding time’s still on,
 And now you’ve left me stripped and bare amongst the sacred dust,
 Remains are all but shadows left since morning covered dusk,
 Yet still I am, still to be and still I hope and pray,
 That maybe soon you’ll find away to take these thoughts away.
  As I stand here aware of the storm,
 The virulent clouds awaken the dawn,
 The flames from the skies, lambent like song,
 Throw skeletal shadows that seeds grow upon,
 But this jagged valley produces no fruit,
 The grass does not grow and the trees do not root,
 A paranoid feeling, surreal to the core,
 The path of the righteous can be walked no more,
 I fear I am lost, just a wandering stray,
 With my hands clasped together, I kneel down to pray,
 I pray for Nirvana, escape, a way out,
 Imprisoned by slumber, unable to shout,
 My visions are fading, my voice becomes weak,
 My senses are numbing, my thoughts cannot speak,
 I hear all around me engulfed by the storm,
 But for me it’s decided, there will be no more dawn.
The Burial
 With soil in hand I stand here aloft,
 A harmonic exuberance seems to rest soft,
 The chasm of prophecy quiescent in thought,
 It’s own timely eulogy rotting and wrought,
 The intimate dwellings of graves and of souls,
 Surround charnel houses, cursed of old bones,
 The invidious feelings hide sinister pasts,
 Etched deep in shadows never since cast,
 The sorrow lives deep in this garden of souls,
 Amid verses recited in slow sombre tones,
 Tears they have wept in a chastise of hate,
 Falling on seeds of a tyrannous fate,
 Imprisoned by guilt to the rhythm of slaves,
 Remorse and regret, too late to be saved,
 So listen in trance to malevolent screams,
 For when the bell tolls it’s the end of the dream.

Latino777 – It’s our time down here

The Only Way is Certainly Not Essex!!!!

Whether you like them or despise them … reality shows are here to stay.

Some are fun, some are actually real, some introduce us to new talent and some just get under your skin but one things for sure no matter how you try you just can’t ignore them.

I was unfortunate enough to watch my first episode of TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) the other day … apparently the people are real but their stories aren’t!!!! of course they’re real after all they were born although some may very well be the bi-product of a chemistry product gone horribly wrong but real in the sense of actors … thats a bit of a stretch and no its not REEM.

If anyone tries to tell me that the guy who wears Ugg boots, skinny jeans and takes more care of his hair than any of the mirror hungry girls in that programme is ‘straight’ should purchase a nice white coat where the arms do up from the back and check into a lovely hotel in the country where they have no windows!!

But this is only one of the latest TV reality shows to sweep the nation.  The actors are becoming household names and joining the ever-growing list of rich talentless celebs (Jade Goody, Jodie Marsh, Katie Price to name but a very small few) but fair play to them making it in a difficult industry with no clear skill or talent apart from the ability to shed clothes at the sight of a camera is an achievement in itself.

In my humble opinion here are just some of the worst reality shows to have been shown the light of day:

Big Brother – The cream of the UK’s most retarded locked up for months … actually thats not a bad thing.

The Only Way is Essex – I can see the attraction but no one would watch this if it was advertised as scripted.

The Farm – There’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back.

The Simple Life – Ooh 2 uber rich chicks trying to be like umm us normal people who have less than a million in the bank. 

Katie & Peter – Who cares!!!

What Katie & Peter Did Next – Nope – Still don’t care.

Flavor of Love – Just embarrassing for a member of one of the biggest Hip Hop acts of all time.

Not all reality shows have been bad and some have even introduced us to talented artists such as Leona Lewis, Diversity and Girls Aloud – now where would we be without the gorgeous Cheryl Cole … oh and my daughter would kill me if I didn’t mention JLS.

Below are just some of the better reality shows to have graced our screens (again in my opinion):

The X Factor – Simon Cowell and his bad dress sense and the lovely Cheryl Cole.

Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – Ant & Dec making has-beens eat disgusting bugs.

The Apprentice – Your Fired!!!!

Britains Got Talent – B List judges rating people who can fart the national anthem – quality TV.

Fear Factor – Adrenaline Junkies putting themselves through hell.

Dancing on Ice – Watch more has-beens falling on ice.

Reality TV shows must be an agents dream finally allowing the more ageing actors on their books to get back to work and earn their contracts – and once the shows have finished and the limelight dims they can always go back to panto.

But what about those poor lost souls who found their 15 minutes of fame on a reality show but now roam lost forever in a world of obscurity?  People like Michelle McManus or Rik Waller (both Pop Idol) or how about Chico and Steve Brookstein (X Factor).  Some of them go on to become TV presenters, some become actors/actresses and some end up on Broadway so I guess for some TV reality shows are a great stepping stone in the world of entertainment.


With this in mind sign me up – I can’t sing, dance, ice skate, juggle, do stand-up, do impressions or magic so I’m guessing I’ve got half a chance of winning although I’m probably still too talented to go into the Big Brother house!!!!

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Madness thru a lens

Over the years I’ve always taken photographs of holiday destinations and social gatherings but more recently I’ve had the urge to step it up a gear and purchase a DSLR, well a micro thirds system actually but less with the technicalities and lets get on with the blog.

Whilst browsing through a blog belonging to a very talented friend (Sarah Leigh’s Style Files), I noticed that she had taken photographs of an old derelict asylum.  The place looked intriging and to my delight was only a short drive from my home city – a perfect place to take the camera out for a test run.

The place certainly didn’t disappoint, looking like something straight out of an American horror movie.  The grounds itself covered quite a large area and was littered with abandoned buildings long since seeing the light of day.  Although the sign at the entrance to the asylum stated NO TRESPASSERS, as soon as you walked in you were greeted by the sight of other budding photographers taking advantage of this great cluster of buildings.

Boarded up entrances and windows put a stop to fascinated photographers looking for that dark, eerie internal shot as well as keeping out the drug users and the homeless.  At the same time the graffiti’d boards add to the overall sence of despair and degradation that encompasses this place.

Walking throughout the abandoned site you randomly come  across the odd paint dawbed word scrawled across a door or wall designed to raise the hair on the back of your neck.  One of the internal walls in the main building has “two people can keep a secret if one is dead” in red paint (I assumed it was paint) – again adding to the overall feel of despair.

Although most of the entrances were boarded up there was one building that was accessable and let me tell you its much eerier inside than out.  Walking up a creaky old staircase led into a loft space, dark, overgrown with weeds and plants and the only light coming in from a half boarded broken window.

I’m sure in time most of the condemned outer buildings will make way to the bulldozer, and the main building will be totally renovated and become a dental practice or rest home or the like but it will be a shame as there are not too many grounds giving such a plethora of possibilities to the amateur photographer.

Until that time I hope many more photographers and art students take advantage of this unique site – probably not a good idea to visit it at night though and for good orders sake please get permission from the local council.

Til the next time.

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Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part one)

Time for something differen’t guys.

Many moons before I began Blogging I used to scribble lines of verse to keep the very mediocre artist in me awake.  I have recently found my original workings, dusted them off and laid a couple down below for your perusal.

The Sentence
Cross the bridge and ask the man the question you have brought,
Give your gift, lay down your arms – what knowledge have you sought,
Stand a man, be judged up close for soon you’ll know your fate,
A final destination looms with this in mind please wait,
… The wait now over step up close and stare into the eyes,
For eyes can tell the difference from the truth and from the lie,
Possess do you the character to stand against your fears,
Release all that you can produce and throw the moral spear,
Now all you can is stand aback and go on bended knee,
The time does tick, the heart does pound, the eyes no longer see,
For this is what it means to live so have you made the grade,
The vision sent – a plot of land, a tombstone and a spade.

J a c k
Safe by day but change by fall,
Once a mother’ s joy now the Devil’ s tool,
Back to a time of rings and roses,
Where children grew up around pockets and poses,
The stench in the slums from corpses and rats,
Gave birth to a new plague and they called it Jack,
Deep in the Chapel this man he did dwell,
Poverty and despair twinned it with Hell,
This man was an artist and art was his life,
His palette was murder, his brush was the knife,
His canvass was women, drunk and abused,
Who sold natural goods for shelter and food,
Five of them suffered, five premature deaths,
With their throats sliced wide open they gasped their last breaths,
Removed were their stomachs, along with their souls,
The Boss could do nothing – Jack had control,
The mind of a madman, unknown but alive,
Encaptured by passion, his method contrived,
The alleys stay dark, the streets remain light,
And with history calling he fades ‘to the night.

The Hero
Fallen angels chasing dreams amongst the fabled clouds,
Conceived in love yet birthed in hate, the spirits now aroused,
Compelled by visions standing tall, the dream catcher awakes,
The future now a canvass blank, its time to raise the stakes,
A reign of fire from within now steps a weary soul,
Is this the one that leads us to the light from in the hole,
Apocalypse must surely be now sound the horsemen four,
Call upon the armies of the South and of the North,
Bring the legions of the West, unite them with the East,
The circle full its now the time for man to face his beast,
With swords a clash, with flesh a scar, the battle now alive,
The blood is spilt and bodies slain still victory we strive,
And as the carcass falls to ground and sun begins to rise,
The victor stands a lonely man, at feet his bloodied prize.

If you were even a touch captivated by the above then please look out for Scribbles from a Word Slinger (part two) coming soon …

If you can’t wait for your next artistic fix then please check out the following blogs/sites from some of my very artistic and talented friends:

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I Heart NY (part one)

Start spreading the news, I (wish) I was leaving today, I wanna be a part of it …

Anyone who knows me will be very aware of my affection for the city that never sleeps (although I certainly do when I’m there!).

On a warm October in 1995 I experienced my first taste of New York City whilst on a tour of the Eastern seaboard.  We were only in Manhattan for a couple of days but one of my fondest memories was the Empire State building.  The guard in the lobby informed us there was 0% visibility due to cloud cover but as I didn’t know if I’d ever be back I said I still wanted to go up to the observation floor, and once there … WOW, it was the most surreal feeling standing outside in a cloud with all the differen’t lights from the building making the cloud change colour – Awesome.

Another vivid memory focuses on Times Square, not because of the bright lights and world famous theatre houses although these are amazing but because of an experience with a Pizza.  Lost in translation wasn’t exactly the problem but lost in accent certainly was, I ordered a pepperoni from a little pizzeria in the heart of Broadway … simple right … until the guy said you wanna piece of pie (on later reflection I think he probably said pizza pie) but I didn’t want a pie I wanted a pizza! anyway after a few minutes of trying to confirm what the hell it was I was ordering I finally left with a Pizza the size of desk!   I could only just about get my hands around the box and I had to hold this thing above my head whilst walking 6 blocks to the hotel passing pimps, hookers and drug dealers on the way.  Since 2000 and the 0% tolerance to crime initiative this is sight you will no longer see in Times Square.

The most significant sight from that trip was one that I wasn’t fully aware of at the time and that was the sight of the twin towers standing magnificently in the New York skyline – a sight that I would never again see during my future visits.  I was in NY in 2002 and walking past ground zero you still very much felt an overwhelming respect for all the victims of that fateful day and St Paul’s Chapel was still trapsed in stars and stripes, firemans jackets and cards.

Since that first trip I have had the fortune of visiting the Big Apple a number of times and still have not seen or experienced everything and thats what I love about this city.  I love London but for me its less than an hour away and a visit to the big smoke just doesn’t captivate me like a flight and a few days in a foreign land.  I’m also a big movie fan and trust me when I say there is no city in the world better than New York for sightseeing if your a movie buff.

For anyone out there thinking of going then I suggest you think no more and just go (money permitting of course) – it is a city that can be seen on a small budget, ok you have to pay for a flight and a hotel but the food is cheap and there’s plenty of it and you can spend 5 days just exploring the sights of the city without spending a dime.   Times Square, Central Park, 5th Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge, Greenwich village – all free to explore.  A good tip if you want to get great photo’s of the Statue of Liberty without joining the huge queue’s is to catch the Staten Island Ferry and again this is a freebie as long as you don’t get off on Staten Island.

Looking out over the city at night from the 102nd floor of the Empire State is breathtaking and equally amazing is the view from the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller centre) during the day, the latter has phenomenal views of Central Park with the Empire State being in the photo looking South bound.

From the Empire State at night

From the Top of the Rock overlooking Central Park

Of course alot of people go for the shopping, I’m not really one of these although I have a major weakness for Abercrombie & Fitch which has an awesome flagship store on 5th Ave.  I also love the old style escalators found in the centre of Macy’s, a cool reminder of an era longer gone.


June 25 2009 is a date I’ll not forgot in a while as I was standing in Times Square when all the screens started buzzing with the news that Michael Jackson had died – I’ve never seen Times Square so eerie with so many people staring up at the screens.  The next few days really showed America’s love for MJ as breakdancers were performing to his music, lookalikes were entertaining the crowds and literally everywhere you went there were tributes to the King of Pop.

MJ dead at 50

Willem Dafoe, Whoopi Goldberg and Mariah Carey are some the famous I’ve seen walking the blocks of this great city but its the diverse mix of people you find in Manhattan that never ceases to amaze … walking South from the tourist trap of Broadway you’ll soon find the beautiful charm of Greenwich Village which is so differen’t than the hustle and bustle of Midtown, continuing south you’ll then pass through Little Italy and the mesmerising smell of Italian food filling the air and then of course comes Chinatown with all its diamond stores and chandelier shops (I think I counted 9 in one street!).

Wanna take a journey where there will be thrills and spills and hair raising moments? no I’m not talking about the old wooden rollercoaster at Coney Island – I’m talking about the experience you will have when you enter into a New York Taxi!!!!  Most drivers speak little English but I’m sure they all have WRC Rally Car licences.  They don’t have time for indicators in Manhattan they just use the horn and if the car to the side won’t get out of the way … well thats what the bumpers are for!  Still you find a good driver and you can have alot of fun, I asked one driver to turn up the music a touch and he decided this meant we wanted a mobile party so he turned the system up full whack and started jigging – I guess if you can’t beat em then join em so there was this taxicab rocking from side to side up 7th Ave.

Well that little trip down memory lane has sparked a new urge to get the passport out.

There’s so much more to say about the city so good they named it twice but I’m sure this will come in a later Blog.

So for now have a nice day

Latino777 – Its our time down here

The Rise & Rise of Technology

As the saying goes ‘if at first you don’t succeed call it version 1.0’  … yep I’m a gadget freak but I feel blessed that I grew up in an era that was just being introduced to mass technology, I mean not everyone had a home computer back then, there were no such things as mobile phones (I still have my little black book somewhere), cable TV was only just being introduced and TV’s themselves were only between 19 & 25 inches and square.

Yep way way back in my distant youth I remember receiving the Spectrum 48k with its rubber keys and additional tape recorder – and even though there were times when you had to wait 20 minutes to load a game with the most annoying noise ever only to get a message 19 minutes in stating that there was a syntax error on line 64 my love for technology was born.

As this new tech evolved so did the competitiveness between platforms and friends … some of the best head to heads that I can remember over the years – Spectrum v Commodore, Betamax v VHS, Vinyl v CD, Apple v PC, HD DVD v Blu Ray, Plasma v LCD, X Box v PS3, Iphone v Blackberry the list goes on and on.

Tech is not always a good thing,  I love the sound you get from playing Vinyl thats just down right more real than the crisp sound of a CD … but each to their own I guess.

And the internet has brought to everyone a wealth of music which is fantastic (there’s not a song out there you can’t find and download in seconds) but I did used to love the monthly trips up to London to find the best imported music which your local HMV & Our Price stores just didn’t stock.

I was probably alot fitter back in the days before mobile phones though – I remember going into town and if you wanted to find friends you just had to do it old skool … walk!!!! now we can text or call friends, check in to places or if your feeling particularly lazy you can video call (no need to meet up at all) – don’t get me wrong I love it of course but every now and again I like to reminisce about how simple the old days were.

Still, as the years roll by and technological barrier by barrier gets broken, today I find myself being able to DJ with my Ipad wirelessly through my speakers, edit photographs with professional accuracy using Photoshop or take 3D photographs with my camera.  I haven’t been into my bank branch in years now you can do it all online and if I want I can have a library the size of the New York Public Library on gadgets such as the Kindle …  and god forbid there is something I don’t know, I don’t need to go to school or college, I don’t need to pick up an encyclopeadia I just have to ask Google.  I wonder what I would have thought of all this technology back when I had my Spectrum?

Well thankfully along with this tech came the social network phenomenon, what would we all do without Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or our Blogs to tell the world all the things it didn’t want to know about us?  It enables us to reminisce and to discover those friends we had lost long ago but as with everything there’s always two sides and now there’s no where to hide, work is no longer 9 to 5 and even when we’re abroad we’re in constant contact with those back home – lets re-visit this particular blog in say 10 years time to see how dated today’s technology seems then.

Well I may just go and play a good old fashioned board game now … nah who am I kidding I’ll just download the app and play against someone in Vanuatu.

Latino777 – Its our time down here